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All products are created by artists in our community. Become a part of the team, submit designs, and get paid when people buy them!

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Why Participate?

Reach more fans with an easier way to share your art. Instead of hand painting boards one at a time. Artists can now turn their designs into real products that can be purchased and enjoyed on many boards all over the world. We invite all artists to create your own products, share your work with a global audience, and earn royalties with every purchase.

How It Works?

1. Create your own design.

2. Create an account on surfexpression.

3. Download the submission kit.

4. Submit your design using your member profile.

5. Share with all your friends.

Benefits For Artists

1. Design your own products that bring happiness to people everywhere.

2. Earn royalties with every purchase.

3. Expand your reach beyond your local market, find new fans and contribute to a global cause.

4. Collaborate with your fans and other artists in our community.

5. Unlimited potential. Design a million boards or just one. Participation is free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some designs not approved?

All artwork must be original and free of any logos or copyrighted material. We won’t accept anything racist, pornographic, or anything that could be considered offensive. Surfexpression retains the right to print or not print each design based on extenuating circumstances. If a design is found to be stolen, offensive, or infringes upon someone else’s intellectual property.

How are artists paid for designs?

At the end of each month all purchases are reviewed and royalties are issued electronically using a Free Paypal account. Please keep your latest paypal payment information updated in your member profile.